Human Dignity

Drug cartels, organized crime, international money launderers and computer hackers are unleashing themselves on the information highways, and they are becoming even more successful. There is also mounting concern about cyberterrorism through the use of computer sabotage - one of the fastest growing criminal activities on the planet. Organized criminals are using cyberspace more frequently to target credit card information and personal and financial details for computer fraud, to the profit of credit card counterfeit operations.

gathering clues to halt the spread of cybercrime Recent evaluation by the Human Rights and Justice Group International "On the State of Cybercrime/Cyberterrorism in Nigeria" has shown that it has been drastically reduced in the last six (6) months. This can be attributed to the conscious stand of various law enforcement agencies in Nigeria such as the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), INTERPOL-Nigeria, the Nigeria Police, and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). The Human Rights and Justice Group International has been actively involved in the campaign against Cybercrime/Cyberterrorism since December 2004, in collaboration with these agencies.

Recent events suggest that many of the perpetrators have been unable to bear the heat generated by President Olusegun Obasanjo's anti-corruption fight, and may have relocated to other neighbouring countries to continue their nefarious deals. The world has yet to acknowledge that the activity of these Internet fraudsters will continue to thrive and expand if serious and directed measures are not take to combat it.

The Human Rights and Justice Group has been in the forefront and seriously involved in the campaign against Cybercrime/Cyberterrorism in Nigeria and West African sub region since 2004 and has recorded some success in this regard. For detailed information on the Cybercrime activities of the Justice Group, or to file a report, please contact the HRJGI secretariat in Surulere.