Human Dignity
Advanced Certificate Course in Project Development & Management

14th August - 13th September 2018
Deadline for applications: 8th August 2018
Fee: US$300.- due by 10th August 2018

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The future of many organisations depends on their ability to manage projects, programs, and portfolios of projects. Skills in these areas continue to be in high demand. Have you ever been involved in a complex project that just did not go the way you wanted?  Often failure is pre ordained due to the approach to the project.  The concept of project management exists because it helps assure completion of a project successfully.

This highly practical short course will provide you with the chance to deepen your project management skills and feel confident to address multi-layered considerations. Develop the skills needed to manage complex projects, broaden your scope, and elevate your project management approach. Extend your knowledge beyond the basic concepts of project management and walk away with a complete project plan applicable to your specific occupation.

Course Objectives:

  1. To understand basic concepts of participatory project management, project development and project life cycles;
  2. To identify the most generally accepted practices within the discipline of participatory project development and management;
  3. To learn tools, techniques, best practices, methodologies and processes of participatory project management;
  4. To learn the basics of community and social mobilization/development through participatory projects;



  • Introductory Course in the Online Training System (Free)

Module 1:  PHASE 1 --- Project Definition

Introduction to Project Management

  • Introduction
  • Historical overview of project management
  • Assignment

Defining your project

  • Project definition
  • Project management as a concept
  • Project life cycle
  • Organizational structure
  • Assignment

Module 2:  PHASE 2 --- Project Initiation and Planning

Project Planning

  • Project selection/identifying stakeholders

-Preparing a stakeholder analysis
-Sample stakeholder Analysis

  • Creating a project charter

-Elements of a project charter
-Sample project charter

  • Project proposal – definition and preparation
  • Developing a preliminary scope statement

-Content of a scope statement
-Scope statement and GSMART objectives
-Sample preliminary scope statement

  • Develop project management plan

-Content of a scope statement
-Scope statement and GSMART objectives
-Sample preliminary scope statement

  • Develop project management plan
  • Assignment

The Triple Constraint and Project Planning

  • The concept of the Triple Constraint
  • The difference between time estimates: effort, duration, and calendar
  • Assignment

Project Budgeting

  • Budgeting in project management
  • Cost estimating
  • Cost budgeting (Direct and Indirect costing)
  • Project schedule and cost baselines
  • Personnel budgeting
  • Assignment

Understanding Project Risk Management Planning

  • Risk management plans

-Sample risk management plan
-Probability/impact matrices

  • The three components of risks
  • Six steps of the risk management process
  • Approaches to risk monitoring and control
  • Risk response strategies
  • Risk Register

-Sample risk register

  • Assignment

Module 3: PHASE 3 --- Project Execution

  • Introduction
  • Executing tasks for project integration management

-Sample deliverables
-Work performance information

  • Executing tasks for project quality management
  • Executing tasks for project human resource management
  • Introduction to team management

-Developing the project team and assessing team performance
-Basic team management practices

  • Communication in Project management

-Important project communication concepts
-Basic communication models

  • Assignment

Module 4: PHASE 4 --- Project Monitoring, Evaluation & Adjustment

  • The concept of monitoring and evaluation
  • The Importance of monitoring a project
  • Project adjustment
  • Assignment


Module 5: PHASE 5 --- Project Completion & Final Evaluation

Complete and Best Practices

  • Introduction
  • Closing tasks for project integration management
  • Best Practices
  • Final/Overall Project Evaluation
  • Summary of Project Management

Module 6: Final Examine and Conclusion

  • Final Examination
  • Participants Evaluation of Course/Feedback
  • Conclusion


This is an online course, so you'll need to have a computer with an Internet connection, and you'll need a web-browser (you can use IE or FireFox). All the course materials you'll need to complete this course are provided in the course modules. You will not need to purchase any additional materials, resources, or books. You will also have the opportunity of experiencing the best online training platform.


  • Online, interactive, self-paced and self-learning modules.
  • Assignments to test your knowledge and understanding before and after the course.
  • Opportunity to post comments, assignment answers, live chat and blogging etc.


Who Should Attend:

  • The course is aimed at programs and project managers, participants who plan, control or manage the execution of complex projects or programs.
  • Staff of NGOs, CBOs, staff of UN specialized agencies, donor agency field workers, volunteers, development actors who want to expand their knowledge by focusing on today's higher-level strategic project management issues, build on their expertise, acquire new skills.
  • Product development managers, business line managers, IT managers, financial managers, event managers, marketing directors, and other business professionals who need an advanced practical project management education.


The course tuition fee is US$300. There is a limited amount of partial scholarships available for this course for applicants from developing countries, based on financial need.


The deadline for application is 8th August 2018, while full tuition payment is due on 10th August 2018. Registration is on a first come, first served basis.  However, applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Register early for this wonderful learning opportunity!

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